How long does Earth Dough last for?

It depends on how much you play with it, what surface you use it on, how clean/dirty your hands are etc. Earth Dough should be stored in the reusable in a cool dark place. Refrigeration isn't absolutely necessary, but it will last longer if kept in the fridge. Natural dyes react differently when exposed to sunlight and heat than synthetic dyes. If it's not possible for you to keep it in the fridge, you may experience a bit of colour fade.

I have been selling Earth Dough since 2017 and have developed a unique formulation that is long lasting, feels great and smells amazing!

If you are buying Earth Dough as a gift, please wait until as close as possible to the date of the special occasion. I am more than happy to take orders with a delayed delivery date. 

 What are the ingredients?

Wheat flour, salt, water, ricebran oil, coconut oil, cream of tartar, bettroot, spirulina, turmeric, vanilla bean, clay (hand collected), potassium sorbate (a safe preservative used in cosmetics and food), citric acid, vitamin E, essential oils of lavender, peppermint, lemon myrtle, vanilla and eucalyptus.

What does Earth Dough smell like?

Cream: Vanilla 

Yellow: Lemon Myrtle

Pink: Lavender 

Green: Peppermint 

Brown: Eucalyptus 

Is Earth Dough Safe to eat?

Earth Dough is made from all natural ingredients but is not intended for consumption. It is unlikely to cause any harm if accidentally ingested. However, please supervise children at all times. Also keep an eye on your pets, as the high salt content in play dough can be harmful to animals.

How long does it take to receive my package?

Orders are usually dispatched within 3-5 working days.

Whoops, we forgot to pack away our dough and it has become a little dry, can it be saved?

Yes! Add a few drops of oil (such as rice bran, coconut, olive etc) and knead well. If it is still too dry, spritz with a very small amount of water and knead again.

My dough is sticky, why?

Sometimes in very humid climates, the dough can become sticky (and also if you were trying to add water to dough that was a bit dry and added too much!). Just add small amount of plain flour, knead well and it will be good to go!

How do I clean Earth Dough off furniture/carpet etc?

Earth Dough is easiest to clean off hard floors when dry. Just sweep up or vacuum. On tables, chopping boards, cutlery, cups, plates etc it can be removed with warm soapy water. On carpet, pick out as much dough as you can with your fingers. Allow it to dry completely and then scrape/brush the dough to release from the fibres and vacuum. 

I have not yet seen a stain from Earth Dough, and I find it comes off wooden chopping boards and carpet much more effectively than synthetic play dough!

 Is Earth Dough gluten free?

No, it contains wheat flour. If you would like a gluten free option I may be able to customise an order for you. Please feel free to ask info@earthdough.com.au

How is Earth Dough environmentally (and kid) friendly?

I do not use plastic packaging! Everything I use is either compostable or re-usable and recyclable. Even the mailer bag you will receive your dough in could be shredded and added to your compost. 

The tins are aluminium and won't shatter like glass can if they're dropped. The dough is non-toxic and only contains food-grade ingredients.