My name is Mel and I am Mum to 7 year old Zade (manufacturing assistant) and 2 year old Violet (product tester). We live in Port Macquarie NSW, and I'm the creator of Earth Dough.

During 2017 I was lucky enough to help facilitate a local nature playgroup for 0-3 year olds, and saw first-hand how beneficial unstructured, outdoor child-led play was for the children and their families.

My son had started kindergarten at a local public school, and although satisfied with his education, I could see he was missing out on so many valuable learning experiences that nature could provide. He was not allowed to run through the playground when it was raining, no climbing trees, no taking his shoes off in the sandpit so he could feel the sand between his toes. He was getting bored and frustrated. He had previously attended The Nature School's Early Years program as a preschooler and in 2018 they were set to open a new Primary School! How wonderful I thought that would be for him and other children in our community.

In November 2017 The Nature School held a Family Fair to raise funds for the primary school. Representing the playgroup I whipped up a few batches of play dough to sell. I had been fascinated by the pigment rich bright red/brown dirt and mud that had stained mine and my children's clothes at The Nature School site and thought I could try using it to colour the play dough. It worked! I also decided it could be a nice touch to add some eucalyptus oil as an extra sensory experience. I tried using a few other things I had around my kitchen and garden and came up with the five dough colours and scents that I still have today. I sold out of all my natural play dough that day, and started taking orders for Christmas.

Play dough fundraiser!

I officially started Earth Dough in 2018. I absolutely love seeing what children can create when they are allowed to freely express themselves, create, make mess, play and experiment!

Protecting the environment and using recyclable, non-plastic packaging is a huge priority for me. All packages are sent using recyclable, cardboard padded mailer bags. Earth Dough is also hand-made in a home where we live as sustainably as we can.

Thank you for supporting small! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me info@earthdough.com.au.

Kindest Regards,

Mel @ Earth Dough X